April Sagan


Journal Articles

Isolated BAP1 loss in malignant pleural mesothelioma predicts distinct immunogenicity with implications for immunotherapeutic response
Hatice Ulku Osmanbeyoglu; Drake Palmer; April Sagan; Eleonora Sementino; Michael J. Becich, Joseph R. Testa, Cancers (2022)
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Low-Rank Factorization for Rank Minimization with Nonconvex Regularizers
April Sagan and John E Mitchell, Computational Optimization and Applications (2021)
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Two Relaxation Methods for Rank Minimization Problems
April Sagan, Xin Shen, and John E. Mitchell. Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications (2020)
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ECHO: an Application for Detection and Analysis of Oscillators Identifies Metabolic Regulation on Genome-Wide Circadian Output
Hannah De Los Santos, Emily J Collins, Catherine Mann, April Sagan, Meaghan Jankowski, Kristin Bennett, and Jennifer Hurley. Bioinformatics (2020)
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Decentralized Low-Rank State Estimation for Power Distribution Systems
April Sagan, Yajing Lui, and Andrey Bernstein. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid (2021)
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Book Chapters

Linking expression of cell-surface receptors with transcription factors by computational analysis of paired single-cell proteomes and transcriptomes
April Sagan, Xiaojun Ma, Koushul Ramjattun, Hatice Ulku Osmanbeyoglu, in Cancer Systems and Integrative Biology (forthcoming)

Conference Proceedings

Matrix Completion Using Alternating Minimization for Distribution System State Estimation
Yajing Liu , April Sagan, Andrey Bernstein, Rui Yang, Xinyang Zhou, and Yingchen Zhang. IEEE International Conference on Communications, Control, and Computing Technologies for Smart Grids (2020)
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Immune landscape in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer identifies a differential role for macrophages
Sayali Onkar, Jian Cui, Carly Cardello, Anthony R Cillo, Mostofa Rafid Uddin, April Sagan, Marion Joy, Hatice U Osmanbeyoglu, Katherine Pogue-Geile, Priscilla F. McAuliffe, Peter C. Lucas, Adrian V Lee, Tullia C Bruno, Steffi Oesterreich, Dario A.A.Vignali, submitted to Nature Cancer (revised and resubmitted)

Provable Low-Rank Plus Sparse Matrix Recovery Via Nonconvex Regularizers
April Sagan and John E Mitchell, arXiv:2109.12713